Fundraise with Us.
It's a win-win.

Fundraising through Threads of Hope is a powerful way to raise money for your cause, mission, organization, or goal while empowering vulnerable Filipino families. 

The concept is simple. We send you the bracelets with no upfront cost. Half of the money you collect selling bracelets goes to your Fundraiser. The other half goes to families in the Philippines. It's a win-win.

To be successful with your 
Fundraiser, follow these steps:

Contact us and apply to raise funds through Threads of Hope. It only takes about 5 minutes.

Upon evaluation and acceptance of your application, we’ll ship product with no upfront cost to you within one week.

During your Fundraiser, send back 50% of the money. 

A. When you sell $500 of product. (Send $250 back)


B. Every two months during your project. (Send half of the proceeds you've collected since your last payment.)

When your Fundraiser is over, send back the remaining products and your final payment within 30 days to be credited for their full value.

Get Started!

Still have questions? visit our FAQs or contact us.

Payment and Return Information

How to Pay

1 - On our website 
2 - Through the mail

Mail Payments to:

Threads of Hope, Inc
P. O. Box 182
Neenah, WI  54957-0182

Please make checks payable to Threads of Hope, Inc. Include the Remittance Slip you received in your order with a check. Please do NOT send cash through the mail.

When your project is complete,
Mail Unsold Products to:

Threads of Hope, Inc.
1440 County Road G
Neenah, WI 54956-9729

Please include a copy of your completed Remittance Slip in your package. Do not include payments. Send payments to the P.O. Box to the left.  Fundraiser products must be returned using your 50% of the funds, via the most economical method, but be sure to purchase tracking to ensure the shipment reaches us.

When you return all unsold products, make sure you also have sent in all 50% of the proceeds from your total sales to the P.O. Box.